Iyengar Method of Yoga

What distinguishes Iyengar Yoga from other styles of yoga?

The Iyengar method of Yoga may be said to define itself as different from other styles of Yoga by three key elements, namely technique, sequence and timing:

  • Technique means that in practice one learns ever finer adjustments in the alignment of how one performs one’s asana and pranayama.
  • Sequence refers to the sequences in which asana (poses) and pranayama are practiced. For example, by varying which postures are practiced after which, the mental and emotional effects of the practice can be intensified in a manner not otherwise possible in order to bring about changes to the whole being including ones spiritual evolution.
  • Timing refers to the length of time spent in postures or pranayama. Postures cannot be done swiftly or without awareness. It takes time to move into a posture and become stable. When this has been achieved then one remains stable for some time to intensify the depth of the posture and so extract its benefit. Otherwise the potential effects and benefits remain small compared to what is possible. If you’d like to read more, see link below….


More information: www.iyengar-yoga.com/iyengaryoga